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Two Men and a Wardrobe
Martin Winters & Jordan Harrison

I wonder what they are talking about? Or are they planning on causing trouble? Ooh where's he got that apple from? Why's he started throwing objects at the cat? What's the cat done wrong? Why's he decided to throw rocks at the cat? I don't get what the cat's done wrong! Is this their sort of fun or something? Leave the cat alone it's dying! Why are they all laughing and celebrating after killing the cat? Why are they all getting fresh apples? Is it some sort of reward? Where's he running off too? Has he gone causing more trouble again? Oh my god why's he picked up the dead cat? Why won't he leave the poor thing alone? Why does he think it's funny to put the dead cat in people's faces? Why is he using it like a trophy? Do these group of lads just cause trouble all the time? Why are they creeping up on that woman? What's she done wrong? She just seems to be waiting for someone/something. Why's he still got the dead cat? Why's he carrying it around still? Hasn't he terrorised it enough yet?! Why's that man carrying a wardrobe? Has he nicked it? Why has he put the wardrobe down? What's he going to do now? Why's the woman walked off? Wasn't she waiting for someone/something or was she just wasting time? Why did that man just throw the cat into his face? What did he do wrong? He only put the wardrobe down. Why are the others laughing? What's so funny about it? Why's that man walking over? What's going to happen now? Why did he just hit him? People these days!