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382 Andorra la Vella
Mike Mara & Jack Fowlers

As the row gets more intense, 382 Andorra la Vella is getting the unwanted attention from Castallia's community. As Rio prepares his afternoon watch of La Liga football in his well worn arm chair while smoking his pipe, Eva is suddenly alerted to the fact his departure from the bedroom is getting longer and longer. Eva comes to the conclusion her seduction methods are not as strong as they once were and decides to remove the lingerie and heads for the living room. She notices an air of smoke whilst his back's turned watching the football. Household objects begin to fly in Rio's direction. He decides to get some fresh air on the balcony. A warm breeze passes by, Rio gazes at the naked women on the nudist beach out-front. 

Meanwhile, as the beach gets busier and more topless women arrive, Pedro staggers across the sand, leaving his sunbathing wife completely unaware of the surroundings. Setting his sights on three young blondes, Pedro approaches with full confidence to offer not just his charm, but the help of rubbing sun lotion firmly in the backs of the girls, and other places besides. As he makes his slimy approach, the blondes begin to notice and soon take offence. With his shoulders raised high in confusion, the girls grab a cold drink from the cool box and pour it over his long, greasy hair. With a light vocal scream by Pedro, his wife suddenly arises, puts on her shades and marches over. With a San Miguel in hand, she also pours this over Pedro's head. Ina Spanish outburst, she tells him to leave.

In the peace and quiet of the town, the silence is interrupted by the annoying sound of a moped. Marko has been a pizza delivery guy for the last two years enjoying the peaceful streets to ride around, and delivering pizzas to satisfied citizens. However, on this particular afternoon, things were about to go wrong. As Marko begins his delivery, three armed men approach him wearing hooded masks and sandals. To Marko’s surprise, he breaks very quickly and dismounts the moped with his hands raised. He turns out his pockets offering the three men his possessions including his phone, wallet and keys. However the three stupidly dressed men each pointed their guns towards the pizza box on the back of the ped. “Margherita… NOW”, they all demand.  With a confused look on Marko’s face, he opens the pizza box and the hooded trio tuck in. 

As the pizzas are taken, Marko picks up his moped and moves it to the side of the road. Anxious and nervous, he decides to clear his head to get over the sudden and alarming situation, which has just occurred. Marko decides to take a brief walk to clear his head and leave his moped behind. As he turns the corner, he gets a sudden smell of marijuana. Looking up, he sees Rio's mellowed face while gazing towards the beach. As Marko looks ahead, he sees Pedro urinating against the wall underneath Rio's balcony. Taking into consideration the last five disturbing minutes, he thinks ‘why not’ and joins in the offensive gesture.