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Hell is Real
Michelle McKee & Kat Speak

Thanks everyone there in the studio

From what I can see from up here there is what seems to be a rather large shipping lorry that has overturned and is now in the middle of the road and this seems to be the main course of the hold up on the A623…

We have just heard from witnesses on the ground that have said that a Nissan car was weaving in and out of traffic, causing cars and the lorry to steer out of the way …and from what I can see the chaos created is... there is just wreckage and an outstanding quantity of cars either overturned or mounted on top of each other, prayers with the families of those involved with the collision...

Reports are coming in that the lorry itself was travelling at great speed which caused it to overturn that caused the consequences of the crash, the crash itself has caused major delays and a backlog of cars for what I can see from here... stretches miles back

As this is the main Highway leading into the next state there have been reports that several of the cars in the backlog have looked for their own diversions, possibly in order to get away from the hold up, but please if you are listening to this report then we advise you to stay in your vehicles and STAY WHERE YOU ARE. If you know of friends and family that may be involved in the crash then ring 0800 900 300 and we will give you news as it comes to us

Emergency services are on their way to remove the lorry and let the traffic continue by

Breaking news! We are hearing of people running away from what looks like a tank exploding in the middle of the chaos area, we do not know how this started we... we remind you if you are not involved in the main crash site to stay where you are, do NOT take diversions just yet we do not know whether you will be safe

This really Is a quite horrific crash and we will keep you updated with the news as it comes, back to you in the studio…