Language Sound Text Noise

Lone Ranger
Emma and Casey

What time is it? We need this scene done before its dark please!

Are the cameras in focus?

Joe get the cameramen to sort out the cameras and get new film rolls in them! Asap!

Right get Annie on the phone, that light bulb needs fixing on rig 5

Actor 4 into make up


Quiet on set please

Rig three turn it on!

Who's left that chair on set??

Get that moved immediately

And that tree. Move it slightly to the left

A bit more, bit more stop

Actors 2 and 3 get in positions please

Get actor 4 out of make up now please we need him on set

Come on speed up everybody! Action in 30 seconds!

Wind machines 1 and 4 switch on please

That's too much turn off number 1

That's better

Where are the extras get them all in positions straight away

You there guy with big hair

Spit that gum out!

Ok cameraman 2 move you camera back slightly

That's it perfect

Right everyone quiet now

Ready for action

Everyone on set and in positions

Scene 5, take 1


Bring your horses in slowly from the right

She said slowly!

Ok a few more steps

Right stop there

Extras enter scene

Play the crowd background noise

Actors 2 and 3 prepare for racing scene

You two, get into positions

Switch to camera 3

And race!

Actor 2 you two close to actor 3

Back off slightly

Come on extras I need enthusiasm

This is a race

Quicker actor 3

Control your horse

Control your horse

And cut

Someone bring the horse trainers in please

All ready for second take

Are the horses ready now?

And actors

Ok quiet on set

Scene 5, Act 2